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Krav Maga Worldwide Academy is the ultimate online educational resource for people looking to learn Krav Maga from the leading experts on the subject. The following Learning Tracks contain Courses and Lessons covering different aspects of the art. Go to any individual Track to learn more about what the track covers or go directly to individual courses by clicking them in the right sidebar.
About Krav Maga learn more  
This track focuses on courses designed to give you an understanding of the art of Krav Maga, its history and its impact on protecting people throughout the world. The courses are free and provide an overview of what to expect on your Krav Maga journey. The first course is the Introduction to Krav Maga which covers the background and development of this one-of-a-kind self-defense system.
Krav Maga Techniques learn more  
The Krav Maga Techniques Track takes you through the major stages of mastering the most important Krav Maga self-defense methods. Starting with the Core Krav Maga course, covering the base principles, and then progressing through the more advanced levels, these courses and lessons will give you the confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones. It is vital that everyone in this day and age understands how to defend themselves in a dangerous situation. This is where you develop that ability.
Kid's Program learn more  
Bullying is a major issue for today's youth. It is a constant problem at schools, parks and playgrounds. Anywhere kids hang out. Good kids have no choice but to know how to handle these types of situations in a positive and proactive manner so as to avoid being a victim. Krav Maga has developed a program specific to Bullying Prevention. The techniques and tools in these lessons will help your children avoid, diffuse, and, in the worst case, defend themselves against threats. It is no longer enough to assume your kids won't be affected by bullying. Instead you must prepare them for when the situation arises.
Military and Law Enforcement learn more  
The military and law enforcement community have always had a special relationship with Krav Maga. It has given them tools to enable them to be more successful and safe in their jobs. Krav Maga Worldwide Academy will soon offer restricted courses in this category.
Seminar Series learn more  
Krav Maga Worldwide gives specialized seminars around the world to standing room only crowds. For the first time you can access some of these seminars in our interactive online format. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn specialized, targeted techniques of the most effective self-defense art in the world from the innovators that advanced many of the methods. The first course in the Seminar Series is Defenses Against Handgun Threats.