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The world is a dangerous place. There are a lot of weapons out there and they are not always in the hands of the good guys. In this specialized Krav Maga course, Darren Levine teaches techniques to allow you to defend yourself when threatened with a handgun. Darren goes into detail on the different types of threats, identifying your best options, and the methods necessary to take control of the situation.
Important Concepts Lesson Price: free
In this lesson you will learn important concepts in handgun defense. Topics include information about gun threats, the power of the weapon, and distance of the threat.
Strategy and Principles Lesson Price: $21.00
In this lesson you will learn strategy and principles related to handgun threats. Topics include strategy against gun threats, a handgun overview, the defensive principle.
Techniques Lesson Price: $21.00
In this lesson you will learn the mindset and techniques necessary to successfully defend against a common handgun threat. The lesson will cover common handgun threats from many different angles and directions.
Course Specs
The three lessons in this course prepare you to defend yourself when threatened with a handgun. You can purchase each lesson individually or the entire course at a discount.
Course Price: $31.50
Lesson List
Important Concepts
Strategy and Principles
Course Instructors
  Darren Levine  
  Darren Levine is the Chief Instructor and co-founder of Krav Maga Worldwide, as well as the founder of the nonprofit Krav Maga Association of America. A 6th degree black belt, he is one of the highest-ranked Krav Maga instructors in the world and received extensive training directly from Imi Lichtenfeld, the creator of Krav Maga.