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This is the most critical course in Krav Maga. It covers all of the most important techniques of self defense. The lessons in this course will give you a functional knowledge of self-defense with hours of detailed, interactive instruction. For those looking to eventually test for a belt level in Krav Maga, this course will give you the techniques you need to master to reach yellow belt.Topics covered include Stances and Movement, Punches and Chops, Elbows, Kicks and Knees, Punch Defenses, Ground Fighting, and Self Defense techniques.
Introduction to Core Krav Maga Lesson Price: free
This lesson introduces you to the Core Krav Maga course in our online format. Covering KMW Philosophies and Principles, the organization of our system, and what to expect in the course, this lesson will help you be prepared to begin your path to learning Krav Maga!
Stances and Movement Lesson Price: $19.99
In this lesson, learn about the variety of stances Krav Maga teaches, and how to use them effectively. Krav Maga focuses on both fighting and neutral stances, as one cannot always predict a dangerous situation. Through this lesson, learn a number of different stances and movements which will allow you to better be prepared to defend yourself. These important techniques will begin to build a foundation on which you can build your Krav Maga skills.
Punches Lesson Price: $19.99
As core offensive Krav Maga technique, punches are a critical learning point for you as you work toward your Yellow Belt. This lesson will demonstrate how to effectively deliver powerful strikes to your opponent while working on proper form and technique. Beginning with the basics, this lesson will provide you with everything you need to know to throw accurate punches and strikes with confidence.
Elbows Lesson Price: $19.99
In this lesson, discover the power and potential of elbow strikes! Now that you have an understanding of stances and punches, we expand to this new kind of striking technique. Elbows are immensely effective in combat and can be used in many dangerous scenarios. This lesson will cover many types of elbows, emphasizing the speed and power behind your strikes. Once mastered, elbows will surely become an essential addition to your toolbox.
Kicks and Knees Lesson Price: $19.99
Krav Maga continues to provide you with new techniques, as in this lesson we double your weapons by adding kicks and knees. Excellent for long-range strikes, kicks will enable you to neutralize threats without letting them get too close to you but if you are in close-range combat with an opponent, we introduce knees as another powerful option. Building on your knowledge from previous lessons, studying kicks and knees will add variety to your skill set and allow you to have more options in a fight.
Punch Defenses Lesson Price: $19.99
Defense is a key element of Krav Maga. Now that you know how to send a variety of strikes, this lesson will teach you how to defend against them. Rather than teaching specific blocks for every individual type of strike, we base our moves on instinctive movement and basic principles. Our take on punch defenses enables you to grasp concepts quickly and be able to defend yourself with confidence. Just as you have learned to pack power into your punches, use this lesson to make your defenses just as strong.
Ground Positions and Movement Lesson Price: $19.99
Though Krav Maga teaches you to try to stay on your feet and keep your movement free, in some cases you may not be able to avoid ending up on the ground. In this lesson, we provide you with valuable skills for this type of fighting which will help you avoid injury, even from a ground position. These techniques are critical, as they instruct you on how to take control of the fight from a disadvantaged position. Should you end up on the ground in a fight, you''ll need these skills to be able to best defend yourself.
Self Defense Lesson Price: $29.99
Just as you strive to master offensive techniques, so, too, must you master defense. In this lesson, learn the key pillars of self protection as we instruct you on the most effective ways to get out of dangerous situations, such as choke holds and headlocks. Krav Maga gives you specific insight into breaking these holds that you cannot find anywhere else. This lesson is integral to Krav Maga, as it will help to ensure your safety in a hostile situation.
Course Specs
The eight lessons in this course cover the critical base techniques of Krav Maga. You can purchase each lesson individually or the entire course at a discount.
Course Price: $139.99
Lesson List
Introduction to Core Krav Maga
Stances and Movement
Kicks and Knees
Punch Defenses
Ground Positions and Movement
Self Defense
Course Instructors
  Michael Margolin  
  Michael Margolin is a 4th Degree Black Belt . He began his training with Darren Levine in 1981 and was, at the time, the youngest person to receive a Krav Maga black belt.
  Kelly Campbell  
  Kelly Campbell, a 3rd degree black belt, is the highest ranking female instructor in the United States. Kelly serves as Krav Maga Worldwide''s Director of Instructor Development, as well as Training Coordinator for its Licensing.
  Kevin Lewis  
  Kevin Lewis is a Krav Maga Worldwide™ 3rd Degree Black Belt and serves as Defensive Tactics Instructor for law enforcement, security, and military units for the Krav Maga Worldwide™ Force Training Division.