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Krav Maga Worldwide gives specialized seminars around the world to standing room only crowds. For the first time you can access some of these seminars in our interactive online format. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn specialized, targeted techniques of the most effective self-defense art in the world from the innovators that advanced many of the methods. The first course in the Seminar Series is Defenses Against Handgun Threats.
Defenses Against Handgun Threats Course Price: $31.50  
The world is a dangerous place. There are a lot of weapons out there and they are not always in the hands of the good guys. In this specialized Krav Maga course, Darren Levine teaches techniques to allow you to defend yourself when threatened with a handgun. Darren goes into detail on the different types of threats, identifying your best options, and the methods necessary to take control of the situation.