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Here are some courses that you might find interesting.
Introduction to Krav Maga Price:  Free
This course covers what Krav Maga is, why Krav Maga is for everyone, and what Krav Maga is like in practice.
Core Krav Maga - Techniques from White to Yellow Belt Price:  $139.99
This is the most critical course in Krav Maga. It covers all of the most important techniques of self defense.
Anti-Bully Price:  $31.50
It is critically important that every young person has the tools in which to prevent being bullied and if things escalate to a point of no avoidance, to confidently defend themselves.
Defenses Against Handgun Threats Price:  $31.50
In this specialized Krav Maga course, Darren Levine teaches techniques to allow you to defend yourself when threatened with a handgun.
Top Reasons to Learn with Krav Maga Worldwide Academy
Immersive Learning
Each lesson incorporates slides, printouts, forums, peer chat, bookmarks, notes and progress tracking.
Top Instructors
Krav Maga Worldwide Academy features the top Krav Maga instructors in the world.
Tests and Certifications
Tests and certifications are directly tied to the course and lesson material. Once you learn the material you can find a local KMW training center to continue your progress.
Ask Questions of the Experts
If you hit a difficult area or have a question you can post it to the moderated forums to be answered by an expert.
Learn At Your Own Pace and Convenience
Online learning gives you the ability to view the lessons and take the tests at your own speed. You can view the lessons as many times as you wish and you progress to the next lesson at your pace.
Lisa S (Student)
Krav Maga Worldwide is the most effective system I’ve ever practiced. The self-defense and conditioning classes are outstanding. The overall health benefits are amazing! I also feel that as a result of training in this system I have the will and ability to defend myself if necessary.
Shawn A (Student)
I have been doing various Martial Arts for 30 years, Karate, Tae Kwon do, and Hapkido. That for me was like building the body of the spear. Training in Krav Maga Worldwide has put a point on that spear. The training is direct, effective, practical and a lot of fun. The fittness side of Krav Maga Worldwide is second to none, the instructors are professional, knowledgeable and dedicated.
Ryan S (Student)
For what I do, the discipline and principles I have learned through Krav Maga Worldwide are essential. For the dangers of the modern world, this is the only martial art that makes sense. In Krav Maga Worldwide there is no compromise for survival, which makes is absolutely necessary in my field.
Greg D (Student)
Krav Maga Worldwide is great. I think that Krav Maga Worldwide is an amazing system - its simple and practical to any situation.
Hector S (Student)
To begin with I was a skeptic at first and hesitant to try it out until I was convinced by my co-workers to just give it a shot. All it took was that one single try to get me to sign up and continue progressing along. It's a great and easy to learn Self Defense system that doesn't require years of training or study. I truly do feel confident knowing that I can handle myself better out in the streets now if ever needed. Great instructors and classes that keep you motivated. I always look forward to making it to class and learning some new techniques.